Director | Cinematographer
Over the course of my career I've has worn many hats.  My favorite by far was a grey Stetson cattleman found while scouting an abandoned barn.
I've also had the fortune to carry projects along while filling a variety of job descriptions. As a third generation filmmaker my literal lifetime of experience and well rounded skillset ensure no stone is left unturned while prepping a project.
I am always seeking deeper insight into the human psyche - understanding how visual cues impact the viewer, direct their attention, and steer them towards the intended creative goals.
On set I hold myself to the highest standards both technically and interpersonally; dedicating everything I have towards telling the best version of the story at hand and pride myself in working with utmost efficiency, innovation, and collaborative spirit.
I am an award wining director, screenwriter, and a member of the American Society of Cinematographers’ vision mentorship program.
I've shot 'em all, but my personal kit consists of:
Moviecam Compact 3-perf 35mm 
AATON A-Minima S16mm 
Zeiss Mk 1 Super Speed (16mm) 
A logbook that says I've spent over 150 hrs shooting from a helicopter
Proudly partnered with Sons Of Grip for trucks, G&E equipment, and the best crew you'll ever work with.