Director | Cinematographer
Over the course of my career I've worn many hats. My favorite by far was a vintage Stetson cattleman I found in an abandoned barn.
Oh, also, in that time I've held a lot of different job titles. As a Director, Producer, Cinematographer, and Photographer, I've enjoyed creating award-winning visual content for iconic brands including Coca-Cola, Nike, AT&T, Stüssy, and Twitter.
Spending my first few years as an editor, I made the jump to the camera department and started working my way up through L.A.'s TV & feature scene, learning and absorbing as much as I possibly could. That persistent push to improve and perfect my skill set continues to this day.
On those  occasions that I'm not in front of an edit bay or behind a camera I'm likely fastidiously working on my espresso technique or building historically accurate block castles for my daughter to knock down.
I've shot 'em all, but my personal kit consists of:
Moviecam Compact 3-perf 35mm 
ARRI 35-III 3-perf 35mm 
RED Epic-W Helium (8k RAW, 4k/2k ProRes, 35mp stills)
Leica R lenses​​​​​​​
A logbook that says I've spent over 150 hrs shooting from a helicopter

Proudly partnered with Sons Of Grip for trucks, G&E equipment, and the best crew you'll ever work with.